Mickelson Law Offices

Mickelson Law Offices was founded upon and remains dedicated to the premise that our clients should prosper from the utilization of our services.   We are a "can do" law firm.  We are fiscally conservative.  Honesty, integrity, compassion and hard work are the cornerstones of our legal practice.

Members, associates and staff of the firm are carefully chosen for their legal ability, desire to succeed, and practical and personal background.  Working well with others is of critical importance. We maintain personalized service for our clients and they can expect it at all times. We are not an average law firm, nor is such an acceptable proposition.

We are effective trial lawyers, and we believe we are among the best.  Our record is an indication of that.  We come prepared.  We do not hesitate to go to trial when our client's case warrants it.  The cost of certain legal procedures is a consideration in our methods of rendering such services.  The more effective and accessible we are at the least cost to our clients, the better we have served them.  We understand and pay attention to clients' priorities.

Mickelson Law Offices requires its lawyers to undertake and complete more than the continuing legal education requirements of the Washington State Bar Association, which is among the most stringent of the bar associations in the nation.

Primary Areas of Practice

Corporate, partnership and venture law, with extensive involvement in formation, stock buy-sell and non-competition agreements, and ownership control;

Contract law related to business transactions, financial transactions, employment contracts, and other agreements;

Family law restricted to prenuptial and separate property agreements;

Probate law related to Wills, estates, trusts, guardianships, etc.

Real estate related to acquisition sale, leases, easement, and landlord-tenant problems.


 2108 104th Ave. S.E. Bellevue, WA 98004    (425) 454-3307